WATCH: Your Girl Anne Hathaway Admits To Being A Big Ol’ Stoner

Living treasure Andy Cohen once got Gwyneth Paltrow to admit that she’s done the odd, sneaky pinger in her time; for his latest trick, he managed to make Anne Hathaway admit that she’s actually a big ol’ stoner. 
The actress appeared on the recent 4/20 episode of Watch What Happens Live (because 4/20 is so mainstream now that even Ellen is doing bits about it), and was asked about an rumoured photo that appeared to show her smoking a “massive blunt.”
Quizzed about what kind of a stoner she is on a scale of one to ten, Hathaway coyly replied that she is “not a little one”, adding “but here’s the thing, I’m a parent and I don’t feel like getting arrested, so I’m gonna say zero.”
Later, when asked which of her fellow Best Actress nominees she was most excited to beat the year she won her Academy Award for Les Miserables, she replied “none of them!”, while apparently scratching behind her ear. 
HMMMMMMM. Anyway, here’s Hathaway’s Plead The Fifth segment for you to watch at your leisure:
Source: Watch What Happens Live.
Photo: Watch What Happens Live.