Watch Wil Anderson get Very Stoned with Comedian Doug Benson

Wil Anderson doesn’t make any secret of the fact that he likes the odd bit of weed now and then. This week, however, the comedian took his love of the green sticky stuff to a whole new level, appearing on the the web series Getting Doug With High, and getting wicked baked with host Doug Benson.

Benson, who has a permanent case of the squinty eyes, makes a habit of getting stoned with guests on his show. He and Anderson are old comedy buddies, and have smoked together before … although the host’s memory perhaps ain’t what it used to be, as he did need to be awkwardly reminded of this fact in the show’s intro.

For the most part, the three stoned bros sit around laughing, sharing stories about how they got into pot, and talking legalisaiton. For the record, Anderson became a smoker later in life, after being prescribed the drug for his osteoarthritis, and found that it helped ease the pain in his hips.

He also said that smoking marijuana helps him enjoy food and movies more. The image of Wil Anderson, his fingers and face coated in Cheezels dust, cracking up while quoting the “I love lamp” line from Anchorman for the hundredth time is an oddly endearing one. 

Anderson did confess to being a little paranoid about the ramifications of smoking on camera. “I feel like I just either visited the future where I have done this publicly or I’ve provided evidence for my trial. Either way I was happy to be involved,” he said, in a vintage piece of stoned logic.

Someone please Tweet this video at him already:

Image via Facebook