WATCH: Wentworth Is Back In New ‘Prison Break’, Should Stop Getting Caught

How many times can these guys possibly need to break out of a prison? At least one more time, it turns out.

TV series “Prison Break, almost exclusively about a group of people alternating between people breaking in and out of prisons, is getting itself another 9-episode season which, again, seems like it will be pretty prison-centric.
It will be the first Prison Break content released since the finale in 2009, unless you include a weird mini-series they made exclusively for mobile phones, which is like the most 2000s thing I can imagine.
Star Wentworth Miller (who you might have otherwise recognised from the unbelievably weird “Dinotopia” TV miniseries, which you should absolutely watch if you like dinosaurs or David Thewlis) is back in the lead role, which might come as a surprise, on account of he was dead when the show finished.
Shot in location in Morocco, the show is set to start ‘mid-season’, which I believe is fancy TV talk for early 2017. Have a geez at the trailer why not:
Source: Vulture.
Photo: YouTube.