Watch The World’s Greatest/Lamest Marriage Proposal

It must be really hard to do an original marriage proposal these days.

Thanks to a plethora of rom-coms, not to mention the Internet, it seems like every good idea has already been taken. That must be why Georgia local Matt Still decided he’d go one further and make an interactive movie experience for his girlfriend by making his own cheesy trailer and inserting it into the traditional pre-flick line-up. Having ingeniously set up a mini-camera to film his girlfriend Ginny’s reaction (hooray for Youtube!), he asks her father for her hand in marriage before racing off to meet her at the cinema, which is where the whole thing gets totally meta.

We can’t quite decide whether this is genius or the apotheosis of awful, but it’s certainly one of the more inventive ways to get to the ‘I do.’ And the guy’s already set up his own website and everything, which means that even if the marriage doesn’t last, the viral phenomenon most certainly will.

Good thing she played to the script, right?

via TIME.