WATCH: The ‘OITNB’ X ‘Black Mirror’ Mash-Up Is A Blessed (Virtual) Reality

Really quick, let’s take a moment to appreciate the Netflix chief who signed off on this wondrous portmanteau-inspired promo. Yes, it’s a risk to throw to shows together just because their titles share a single word. But it absolutely paid off with the mash-up of Orange Is The New Black and Black Mirror, so kudos to you, Netflix pal.
As a result of that brave call, the streaming giant has just unveiled a short promo entitled – you guessed it – Orange Is The Black Mirror. 
It’s a spoiler-heavy slab of excellence which draws from the dramatic high-points of both shows, as Danielle Brooks’ Taystee reunites with Samira Wiley’s very deceased Poussey in the simulated reality of Black Mirror’s San Junipero.
It’s equal parts heart-rending and sweet, which you could also say about OITNB and the San Junipero Black Mirror episode, and it might just be enough to tide us over until the former show returns on June 9. 
Next up: The Get Crown, and our personal favourite, Narcos Polo.
Source and photo: Netflix / YouTube.