Watch the New Trailer for Eli Roth’s Rainforest Horror Flick ‘The Green Inferno’

The new trailer for Hostel director Eli Roth‘s latest movie is here, and it looks gory as hell. The Green Inferno is a horror film set in the South American jungle, and it stars none other than pop singer Sky Ferreira. The story concerns a group of young do-gooders who fly to the rain forest with the goal of saving it, only to find themselves stranded after a plane crash, and taken hostage.    

The film seems to have strong echoes of Ruggero Diodato‘s ’80s splatterfest Cannibal Holocaust, a film that Roth admires so much he actually screened it for the residents of an Amazonian village in 2012. 
The Green Inferno is out in September. To be honest, I’ll probably tell people I’ve seen it when really I stayed at home and watched Mean Girls for the fiftieth time. Nobody will judge you for doing the same.

via Indie Wire