WATCH: The Avengers & Shitloads Of Celebs Urge America Not To Vote Trump

You know what matters? Voting. Know what matters also? Famous people. Put those two together, and you got one hell of a party. 
Now, Australia has compulsory voting, so we chill. But the United States of America doesn’t, so before every election, we watch a plethora of ‘PLEASE VOTE’ videos and campaigns occur from across the pond.
This one might be one of the best though. Joss Whedon managed to rally ‘The Avengers‘ cast, plus Julianne Moore, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Odom Jr., James Franco, Nathan Fillion and Matt McGorry in order to deliver the voting message for new campaign group ‘Save the Day‘.
They want you to know that this insane amount of very famous people only come together when something really bloody major happens, like “a disease, or an ecological crisis”, or as Don Cheadle states, “a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society”.
So look – this is a partisan group. They have a strong lean! But the message flies. 
And hey, you get to see very famous people be funny in the name of something important: making Mark Ruffalo get naked! 
No hold on – sorry, we meant voting. 
Shit, wait… we mean, making sure a walking Cheeto with fairy floss hair and an agenda of racism isn’t let into the Oval Office. Nice. 
Watch below: 

Source: Save The Day