WATCH: Tell Deadshot From Slipknot W/ These Handy ‘Suicide Squad’ Clips

After the largely dour affair that was Batman v Superman, fans of the DC cinematic universe should be thankful Warner Bros. are following up with Suicide Squad – a flick which has the privilege of literally playing with some of the comic stable’s lesser-known characters. 

Sure, we’ve got the ubiquitous Joker and occasional accomplice Harley Quinn to anchor the film in the familiar, but most of the gang has been relegated to obscurity outside of the print realm. Slipknot? Katana, anyone? 

They know they’re pulling out some more obscure anti-heroes, so before the film explodes into our collective conscience on August 4, they’ve plonked a series of handy character micro-overviews online.

Are they fluorescent and frantic? Yes. Do we now know Jai Courtney is a brony? Yes. Have we given an explanation of why Cara Delevingne looks like a swamp monster? Well… no, but it’s Cara Delevingne, she can do whatever she wants.  


Source and photo: Warner Bros. Pictures / YouTube.