WATCH: Superbros Chris Evans & RDJ Spar On ‘Kimmel’, Drop ‘Civil War’ Clip

For all the evil geniuses/intergalactic menaces/general threats to mankind the Marvel Studios fam has reduced to rubble, you’d think they’d be able to sort out some petty sibling rivalry. 
Not so, dear reader. Not so at all.

Captain America: Civil War co-stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are clearly dissatisfied with using their legit superpowers to duke it out on the big screen, and escalated their conflict on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. Natch.

After RDJ debuted an admittedly sweet poster for the upcoming flick, Evans had the gall – the sheer nerve – to literally dethrone Iron Man and bust out the film’s first trailer. Is it technically a standalone Captain America film? Yes. Would that make it any easier for the top dog of the Marvel franchise to take? Doubt it. 

Still, simmer down, mate – you still have a near-indestructible flying suit that lets you blast lasers from your hands.

Get marvelous below: