WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Goes Hard With ‘Deadpool’ Oscar Campaign

The conventional wisdom is that Ryan Gosling has this year’s Academy Award for Best Actor all-but sewn up for his ivory-tickling, tap-dancing portrayal of a struggling jazz musician in La La Land

That said, there could be an awards season shake-up coming our way, and that shake-up could be wearing red spandex and sporting a filthy, sassy mouth. We’re talking about Deadpool here, people.
The fourth wall-breaking superhero film recently scored itself two Golden Globe nominations in the Musical or Comedy category, one for Best Motion Picture and one for Best Actor, for old mate Ryan Reynolds
While it lost out to La La Land in both categories, Deadpool now has sufficient momentum that it could theoretically be in the race for the Oscars, and Reynolds is taking full advantage of this. 
Overnight, the actor released the below For Your Consideration video via his Twitter, listing Deadpool‘s many accolades and achievements to get Oscar voters in the mood. 
Four pairs of assless chaps is a pretty impressive number of assless chaps:

Oscar nominations are announced on Tuesday January 24 in the US, so we’ll all have to hold our breath until then to see how this one plays out. 
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Supplied.