WATCH: Ppl No Joke Chased A Wild Snag Around Syd / Melb For A Bitta Cash

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with the Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to herald the DVD / Blu-Ray release of Sausage Party. You can head HERE to get ya mittens on the movie.

Look, not to sound like we’re a bunch of massive ass-wipes, but we like to give tired old things a new lease on life when we’re afforded the opportunity. Take the humble scavenger hunt, for instance – ain’t nobody got time for maps and tangible clues no more. 
So, to bring the past time in to 2016, we conducted two hunts in Sydney and Melbourne on our Snapchat. The end goal: find a rogue sausage running around town. 
What’s a scavenger hunt without a prize though, roight??? Our mates at Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (AKA the crook heads responsible for Sausage Party) hooked us with $2K to giveaway in each city, and as you’ll see in the videos below, the lucky winners were pretty stoked to claim it (‘sif you wouldn’t be, tbh). 
If you’re keen on watching more sausage-related carnage, you can check out Sausage Party by heading over HERE