WATCH: Pls Maintain Your Composure During The Huge ‘Outlander’ S3 Trailer

Outlander has a brand-new teaser for its third season, and we’re just about out of kilt jokes, so we’re just going to say we’re legitimately hyped for the next installment of the time-travelling smangfest. 

Spoilers ahoy, but the the 40-second peek shows Jamie and Claire dealing with the ramifications of being ripped apart by a matter of centuries.

Expect to catch him struggling to deal with having his 1940s honey dragged back to her actual era, and prepare to see her reacquainting herself with family life. It’s not quite the kind of highland swashbuckling we’ve come to know and love, but okay.

The series returns in September. Froth on this until then: 

Source and photo: Starz / Twitter.