Watch Olivia Newton John Swing From A Chandelier

With a rich, rom-com pantheon which includes Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Singer, Bridesmaids, Father Of The Bride, Bride Wars, Meet The Parents, My Best Friend’s Wedding, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Four Weddings And A Funeral – do moviegoers really need another comedy about the crazy shit that happens to people on their wedding day? Apparently so. The latest is called A Few Best Men, a Stephan Elliott directed comedy which follows a British groom, his Aussie bride to be and his gaffe prone best men. Along the way they swap luggage with a drug dealer, injure a beloved family pet and get caught in a variety of compromising positions. The most awkward of which involves Olivia Newton-John in an inappropriate Wedding Crashers moment where she gets physical with a bag of cocaine – “don’t just stand there gawping, line ’em up!” – then swings wide-eyed and screaming from a chandelier.

A Few Best Men will be released on Australia Day next year.