WATCH: Nicolas Cage Hunts For Bin Laden In Wild ‘Army Of One’ Trailer

Nicolas Cage‘s entire appeal, at it’s core, is the fact that he seems to take whatever role crosses his desk regardless of content or direction. That’s how we get the insanity of Leaving Las Vegas, and the family-friendly insanity of National Treasure.

The Cage is back for the film Army of One – where he plays ex-con and handyman Gary Faulkner, a man who believes he was sent on a mission from God to go to Pakistan and kill Bin Laden. It’s loosely based on a true story as relayed by GQ (emphasis on the 
Oh yeah, it also stars Russell Brand as God, and is directed by Larry Charles – the director of Borat and a whole stack of Curb Your Enthusiasm eps.
But regardless or all that, the trailer is wild:
And anything which allows me to see Nicolas Cage forlornly riding a donkey though Islamabad is worth my time.
Source: YouTube.