WATCH: Nicholas Hoult Is Very ‘Patrick Bateman’ In The ‘Kill Your Friends’ Trailer

Looks like superbabe Nicholas Hoult has come a long way from playing the narcissistic Tony Stonem in Skins, and even further from playing the chubby kid throwing bread at ducks in About A Boy

Now, he’s a suave, young, and a youngun in the music industry in ‘Kill Your Friends’. He’s a part of the flourishing 1990s Britpop scene; and it’s wild and ruthless out there for a young music exec. 
The trailer begins with the recklessness of a standard ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’ film, but soon turns slightly bloody. 
This might just be the 1990s American Psycho, people. Hoult is throwing out some reeeeeal creepy ‘Patrick Bateman’ vibes. Unfortunately for James Corden.
Watch below: 
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