WATCH: New ‘Bachelor’ Matty J Low-Key Shades Georgia Love In 1st Promos

SHOCKER. We are shocked.

In proof that ‘The Bachelor‘ producers know exactly what they’re doing, Matty J is the new heartthrob. Clearly the way to secure your spot as ‘the prize’ instead of ‘a contestant’ on this manic trixie rose show is to ensure your heart is as explicitly pulverised on national television as possible.

If last year’s finale of ‘The Bachelorette‘ escapes you, Georgia Love blindsided us all by callously dumping Matty in favour of Melbourne’s Lee Elliott. And it appears our boy hasn’t forgotten.

“I stumbled a little bit last year, as I’m sure you’re aware,” he says in Channel 10‘s promo vid, “but I really do hope that this is my year, and I fall in love and have a magnificent relationship with the girl of my dreams.”

Ohhh, ya stumbled a bit, hey? Lil’ trip there?

It was low-key devastating. Matty said in an interview shortly after the finale that he still sometimes ran off to the bathroom crying, and Australia was like, ‘same’.

And in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, published this morning, Matty says he wishes he’d been forewarned that his heart was about to be brutally crushed.

“It would have been great if I just got a text and it would have been like, ‘cool, she’s picked Lee’,” he said. “I mean, I would never [break up with someone over text] but that easy option is certainly tempting.”

To be fair, this ‘heartbroken but soldiering on to find love’ aesthetic was exactly how Channel 10 played it when Richie Strahan was announced as last year’s Bachelor… or when Sam Frost was announced as the first Bachelorette. Swings and roundabouts, etc.

Buck up, Matty. You’ve got a whole gaggle of women to pit against one another in your quest to find love, round two.
(He’s also rumoured to be earning $200,000 for his trouble, which quite frankly not one of us would turn down and you’re a liar if you say otherwise.)

Love is just a rose ceremony away.

Photo: Channel 10.