WATCH: Models Draped In ‘Star Wars’ Walk Runway In Less Than 12 Parsecs

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . . 


The COVERGIRL alliance recognised the plethora of female Star Wars fans begging for a makeup range that would aid in the recreation of their favourite galactic looks. Their cries were echoed by modern, fashion forward women looking for products more fierce than an angered Tuscan Raider. So, to answer these calls, they created the COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection. 

To celebrate the range, Pedestrian’s teamed up with Disney and COVERGIRL to curate what was easily be the most incredible event of 2015: The COVERGIRL x Star Wars party.

 Iconic Star Wars costume designer, John Mollo, once said of his work: “George left me in no doubt. Audience mustn’t consciously notice the costumes, he insisted. If they do, you have gone wrong.” Lucas wanted viewers to be fully immersed, to lose themselves in a world ravaged by the Star Wars.

Whilst the Romance Was Born x STAR WARS X Covergirl collection certainly went out of its way to be noticed, to stand out, it also dragged all who witnessed its debut deep into a figurative sarlacc infested pit. Full immersion. No escape: 

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