WATCH: Meryl Streep Calls Out Trump’s Cruelty In Perfect Globes Speech

Meryl Streep definitely didn’t need The Golden Globes’ Cecille B. Demille Award to prove her merit as one of Hollywood’s most iconic leading figures, but look, we’d be content letting her sweep the rest of the event’s categories if it means she can deliver speeches like this.

Taking to the stage to accept the lifetime achievement gong, Streep delivered what can best be described as one of the most moving public defences of, well, human decency and acceptance after the horrors of 2016. 

Calling out other stars in the room – Amy Adams, Ryan Gosling, Dev Patel and Natalie Portman among ’em – for succeeding in Hollywood despite hailing from places that definitely aren’t Tinseltown, Streep said the entertainment industry owes a debt of gratitude to those from different backgrounds:

“So, Hollywood is crawling with foreigners and outsiders, so if we kick ’em all out we’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts – which are not the arts.”
That was some high-class shade thrown in the direction of one Donald J. Trump, who she proceeded to describe as the nation’s bully in chief. Her call for basic fucking manners and kindness in the light of him is definitely worth hearing.

And those final lines? What a legend. Get around it here:

Source and photo: Golden Globe Awards / Twitter.