Watch Macaulay Culkin Describe His Artistic Process

When Macaulay Culkin started resembling a drug-addled Michael Alig, it was one of the more disturbing cases of life imitating art that we’ve seen. Only recently, the American tabloid media have been up in arms over Culkin’s alleged demise, with the National Enquirer labelling him both a heroin addict and proclaiming he had six months to live. Then Mila Kunis dumped him, which can’t have helped, but luckily he was alive enough to attend Natalie Portman’s wedding. So there you go: now you pretty much know everything that has happened in Macaulay Culkin’s life since Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

Luckily, things are starting to look up for Mac, whose life now appears to resemble a more favourable example of life imitating art. In a new video detailing his role as one third of the Three Men and a Baby art collective (which also includes ex-Moldy Peaches acoustic funny man Adam Green, and musician and visual artist, Toby Goodshank) Culkin looks and sounds pretty good for someone supposedly with less than six months left.

The three are staging a group show next week in New York, and their portfolio runs a joyous pop cultural gamut from paintings of Kurt Cobain as a Mac wielding hacker, to He Man painting the cast of Seinfeld naked on the set of Wheel of Fortune. Shot in Mac’s light-filled studio-come-apartment, it’s both a relief to see Culkin alive, and painting with the joy – and some would say the skill – of his much younger, Kevin McCallister-aged self.