Watch Lena Dunham Dispense Some Very Solid Life Advice

Girls star and all-round excellent person Lena Dunham is releasing her first book very, very soon – a collection of personal essays entitled Not That Kind Of Girl. To prove her chops as a sage advice-giver, Dunham has just dropped a series of videos, in which she serves up sass and answers questions from fans on how to do sex, friendship, life and other things better.

They’re a little like Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman‘s Bestie X Bestie videos, except with one person, and more small dogs. Watch Lena as she answers questions on what it means to be a feminist: 
How to own your shape:
What to do with garbage friends:
How not to sleep with bad people:
How to be confident as a writer:
How to deal with OCD:
How to overcome bullies:
How to be better at sex stuff:
How she’d like to give dudes an insight into her mind:
How to deal with inevitable death:
How to avoid jealousy:
And how to laugh:
Whew. That pretty much covered any question you could ever conceivably have – besides, perhaps, how to escape from Taylor Swift‘s clutches. Go about living your lives and being the best you you can be, everyone.