WATCH: Larry David Feels The Bern, Sends-Up ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ On ‘SNL’

For every Donald Trump, there is an equal and opposite Bernie Sanders: both are aging radicals from New York City, both have repeatedly shown up the established powers of their political parties, both have stronger-than-expected support in the run towards the Presidency of the United States Of America.

Still, only one of them has the privilege of resembling Larry David.

Likewise, Sanders has Trump beat, ’cause the comedian even dusted off Curb Your Enthusiasm – rebranded as Bern Your Enthusiasm – on tonight’s Saturday Night Live. 

The Vermont Senator was narrowly beaten at one of the major mileposts of the election campaign by Hillary Clinton last week, and the skit gives a pitch-perfect re-imagination of how Sanders narrowly lost the caucus.

Whether Sanders takes his message of democratic socialism all the way to the White House, this short is proof the world definitely needs more lovable, crotchetty fogies ambling around the joint. Watch:

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]

Source: Uproxx.