WATCH: Lance Bass As A Big Mouth Billy Bass On Jimmy Fallon

In the latest in the series of “Jimmy Fallon does something and you’re gonna watch it anyway so maybe just quit your bitching and hit play already?Jimmy Fallon and his team at The Tonight Show have put together another video that you’re going to scoff at at first, but then you’re going to watch it, and you’re going to enjoy it.

With a team of writers reaching into two bowls, one marked “Celebrity Guest” and the other “Activity,” this time they managed to pull out “N’Sync” and “90s Nostalgia“.
The result? Lance Bass as a Big Mouth Billy Bass. It’s genius, but then again so is everything else they do.
Worth it just to gaze upon Lance’s perfect teeth and dreamy eyes – that are soft like a feather, gently tickling the soul of the first meandering fjord of spring – one more time.
You might never have blasted off, Lance. But you’ll always be our Spaceman.