Watch Kris Moyes X Romance Was Born Short ‘City Limits’

The short film made by Sydney music video director, Kris Moyes, in collaboration with Romance Was Born premiered on Thursday evening. As we’ve previously mentioned, it features the clothes from RWB’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection Nightmare On Wall Street as well as Croatian-born Tanya G, the model who starred in the collection lookbook.

The film is called ‘City Limits’ but after having watched it a more appropriate title might be ‘B-Grade Camp Murder In Paillette-Covered Spandex Unitard’.

Watch ‘City Limits’.

*Also, lately we’ve been getting a lot of interesting feedback for writing so regularly about Romance Was Born. We aren’t in cahoots with them as some people suspect. It’s just that you love to read about them so much – we’re just giving you people what you want (at least according to the stats). The same goes for certain personalities we cover regularly. Romance Was Born sure does generate a lot of impassioned comments (whether they be passionately in support of or opposition to the brand) and if there’s one thing we love, it’s a good slinging match in the comment section.

So with that in mind – and claws sharpened / imagination captured – give us your thoughts on the film.

My interpretation: It feels like it’s an homage to John Waters’ trash films from the Eighties, and while it’s mega camp and over-the-top and Tanya G sounds like a drag queen, it isn’t shocking, funny or low budget enough to be that. The soundtrack is awesome though. Blip blip! Pyow! Zzrrttizz! (I’m a synthesizer). And the extras look super.