WATCH: Katy Perry Snapchatted Herself Shading T-Swift At Yeezy’s LA Show

The Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry feud is infamous, yet the closest we’ve ever had to legit confirmation is when Tay Tay’s ex Calvin Harris tweeted in a post-breakup rage that she “buried” Katy.

Not long after, the Taylor vs Kanye & Kim feud blew the hell up, and the Katy drama was put to the wayside. Now she appears to have reignited those flames.

Last night Katy joined celebs Halsey and (ugh) Chris Brown at Kanye West’s L.A. stop on The Saint Pablo Tour, and Snapchatted herself throwing some serious shade during Yeezy’s infamous line: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.”

Her face pretty much says it all:

Subtle, this is not. For the sake of entertaining all possibilities, there’s a slight chance Katy *might* have been expressing her distaste at a line Taylor has made it clear she is not okay with, but there’s a much bigger chance that Katy wasn’t doing that at all and was simply being petty as hell.

Katy and Taylor actually recently found themselves in the same breathing space, at Drake‘s 30th birthday party.
A source told Us Magazine that Taylor stayed put at her table with the crew she came with in order to avoid bumping into Katy and their mutual ex John Mayer, but other sources told Page Six the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Photo: Snapchat / Katy Perry.