WATCH: John Oliver Had A Dig At Our Shitty Immigration Policy Post-Emmys

John Oliver’s having a pretty decent day. Last Week Tonight just copped itself an Emmy award for Outstanding Variety Talk Series, edging out James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, and even Jerry Seinfeld in the process. 

So, obviously feeling pretty confident in his abilities to skewer the political issues of the day, he fielded a question from Australia’s own Angela Bishop in a post-awards press conference and knocked it outta the goddamn park. 

Following her call-back to a previous meeting between the two, Bishop served up a lil’ bit of an I-told-you-so regarding Oliver’s withering take on Tony Abbott and the fact the USA is now afflicted with Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Oliver wasn’t havin’ it. Not at all. Pointing out that there’s still time for America to elect anyone but Trump, he took a dig at our nation’s own failings:

All we can say is, uh, yeah… Fair cop. Considering the fact another stack of reports detailing allegations of abuse and self-harm on our off-shore detention facilities has just been revealed, havin’ a gloat at his expense may not be the ideal course of action.
Here’s hoping the dude might go ahead and build a fully-formed episode around our inarguably shameful treatment of asylum seekers. Would it be as funny as his take on Tones? Nah, probs not, but having a wider audience gaze upon our system in abject despair might be beneficial in the long run. 

Source and photo: Variety / Twitter.