WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Made Dr Strange Do Party Tricks At A Kids’ Birthday

Reviews for the upcoming Dr Strange are still under embargo, but a few critics have nonetheless taken to social media to share some of their thoughts, and risk pissing off the corporate overlords at Marvel and Disney in the process. 
The early buzz is extremely positive, with people praising the trippy psychedelic visual effects, particularly in relation to the film’s action sequences, and singling out a strong central performance from old mate Benedict Cumberbatch
Speaking of, Benny is on the publicity trail, selling the film hard before its worldwide release begins rolling out next week. One such publicity obligation involved an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, that required him to ham it up in character at a kids’ birthday party. 
Welcome to the world of mega-budget Disney blockbusters, Benedict Cumberbatch, we hope you enjoy your new life, because it’s going to look a lot like this:
Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Photo: Randy Holmes / Getty.