WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Willingly Inserts His Digits Into Donald Trump’s ‘Do

Jimmy Fallon isn’t a stranger to Donald Trump pisstakes. In fact, that Golden Retriever of a human being has actually mustered one of the better impressions of the Republican presidential nominee, so Trump’s latest appearance on The Tonight Show was bound to include some goofs on his behalf. 

What we received was… Well. Forget the preening, prissy and somewhat scathing impersonation Fallon has cultivated this election cycle, ’cause the two were goddamned collegial as the host went ahead and tousled his hair:

We can only imagine what it actually feels like. Fairy floss? A particularly flimsy bird’s nest? Crystallised disdain for large swathes of the American populace, extruded through his scalp? At least we now know it’s not a hairpiece… Which somehow elicits even more questions.
Moreover, we can only postulate as to how many hours of back-and-forth The Tonight Show team ground through with Trump’s campaign, before the latter finally relented to its humanising PR implications. Being patted like a dog makes one a good boy, right? Right?
Ick. Cynical take: this might just be one of the last times we get to see Donald Trump in a genuinely diminutive position. Bloody hell, bring on November. We’re through with this.