WATCH: Good Lord, It’s Jimmy Fallon And Governor Chris Christie Dad Dancing

Here’s something to get your weekend motors running in just the right manner. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, whom you might remember as that little show responsible for every viral video you’ve watched over the past 5 months, have put together another in their series of “Evolution of…” Dances. This time? It’s the Evolution of Dad Dancing.

Jimmy Fallon combines this time with the surprisingly agile and rhythmic Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie to shake out some of the old classics like “The Lawn Mower,” “The ‘We Think We’re Doing The Same Dance But We’re Not’,” “The Back It Up,” and “The ‘I Saw This One On Dancing With The Stars’.”

And just before you go rushing out to a Big W in a blind panic, it’s only Father’s Day in America this Sunday. Australian Father’s Day isn’t till September.