WATCH: Clearly Fed Up 7 News Presenter Drops A Cheeky “Fuck” Mid-Show

Who among us hasn’t made a cock-up at work and then accidentally said a swear word on a news broadcast that goes out to an entire state? 
Probably a lot of us. I would venture nearly all of us, in fact. But that does not extend to 7 News Adelaide presenter Jessica Adamson, who very audibly dropped a cuss word after making some invisible fuck up, without being aware that her mic was still live.
It’s tough to piece together what might have transpired with the 15 seconds of footage we’ve been given, but she does appear to visibly hesitate after saying “Good on you, Soda“, which I believe is an affectionate nickname for co-presenter Mark Soderstrom. Did she, in that moment, realise she’d left the iron on? Remember something embarrassing she did when she was a teen? We have no way of knowing.
I’m choosing to believe that she heard herself saying the words “famous bongs” out loud and was overawed at the powerful potential of those two words.
Have a watch:
Source and photo: Channel 7.