Watch: Canberra Feels More Backstabby Than Ever In Recut ‘House Of Cards’ Title Sequence

We’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt here and say that no current Australian political pawn or power player is capable of the temerity, blind ambition or psychotic rage required to do something as sinister as fake a colleague’s suicide to cover up a murder committed for political gain (we hope) but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to imagine what that might look like in the drama charged context of an original ABC television series. 

Thanks mainly to its operatic doom score – Get Inaugurated or Die Trying – the figuratively backstabby denizens of Canberra are imbued with a more sinister edge thanks to this antipodean remix of the House Of Cards title sequence, recut with time lapse footage of Canberra instead of Washington DC.  
For what it’s worth, we would totally watch this.  
Via Gizmodo