Watch Beyonce Slay The Super Bowl Half Time Show

A few quick observations about Beyonce‘s explosive Super Bowl Half Time performance (there were literally jets of fire exploding at semi-regular intervals) before it breaks the Internet.

1. Fact: Nobody on earth can walk in thigh high boots better than Beyonce can walk in thigh high boots.
2. Beyonce does not lip synch.
3. Guitars that spray sparks of fire from each end are the best kind of guitars.
4. The way Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams make their entrance… Jesus that was close.
6. “Independent Women Part 1” is a great song.
7. It’s not a Super Bowl Half Time show without a ludicrous number of controlled fires everywhere.
8. I’mma let you finish but the “Single Ladies” dance is EVERYTHING EVER. Watch it all now:

UPDATE: The jerks at the NFL keep trying to bogart all the joy by removing the footage from Youtube, but we’ll try to keep a good copy up here.]