WATCH: Benjamin Law & Nakkiah Lui Go In On The 18C “Circle Jerk” On ‘Q&A’

I have always staunchly warned against watching ‘Q&A‘ – there are a million better things you could be doing with your evening that don’t involve watching a lot of belligerent, self-satisfied politicians rolling their eyes at each other as audience members slowly realise that their question will never be answered.

But I was looking forward to this episode, with writer and my future husband (conjecture) Benjamin Law and absolute legend (not conjecture) Nakkiah Lui representing real, actual human beings alongside Labor MP Terri Butler, crazy eyed corpse and Liberal senator Eric Abetz, and human turd and journalist Greg Sheridan.
It was a perfect storm of two incredibly good people and a bunch of wildcards that were absolutely guaranteed to cause some shitty controversy, and it delivered: a lot of very well made points by half the panel and a lot of incoherent shouting from the other – it was a wild time.
As an example of the tone of the episode, here’s Greg Sheridan managing to yell at two different panellist within the space of just a minute:

The episode primarily focused on the implications of Trump‘s win in the US, both in terms of how it will affect foreign policy and whether we’ll see similar populist (*cough* racist *cough*) politics enter Australia, and also on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which has become a point of contention recently thanks to fuckwit, deadshit cartoonist Bill Leak.
While Abetz and Sheridan argued that getting rid of 18C was a critical issue of freedom of speech, Lui and Law both argued that it’s a rarely used clause that only affects a tiny number of people, and politicians are abusing their position by trying to make their personal crusade their primary focus. From Nakkiah:
“What we’re saying is, we’re looking at changing an entire law for less than 0.001% [of the population], so to say that this is an issue that affects the majority of Australians, to say that this is something that’s on the tips of the tongues of every single Australian … is not correct.

“What we have is a bunch of elite politicians abusing their power and wasting funds on their personal pursuits and their own agendas, that are not a public matter nor are they in the public interest. We’re paying a senator $195,000 a year on an issue that effects 0.001% of Australians.”
Law agreed:
“The whole discussion and debate around 18C has never been about ordinary Australians’ access to freedom of speech – it’s about powerful individuals and powerful organisations having an angry circle jerk about how horrible it is to be called out for being racist in a public forum.”

You can and should watch the whole clip here, as Law quite successfully argues as to how 18D nullifies pretty much all of their shitty complaints:

As a bonus, here’s a gif of Ben Law saying “angry circle jerk”, mostly because I wanted one.
God bless.
Source and photo: ABC.