Watch Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Right Revisited in full

For the majority of us that didn’t get a chance to catch the most anticipated short film at Sundance – Fight For Your Right Revisited – rest assured, the Beastie Boys, in heeding our requests have posted it online.

If you got as psyched as we did watching the two-minute all-star trailer (which dropped earlier this month), the 30-minute film will blow your mind. Just about anybody who’s anybody makes a cameo appearance; the beats are fresh, the quips, anecdotes and editing all make for the most epic music video to hit our screens in some time.

Written and directed by Adam “MCA” Yaunch, the Revisit/”Make Some Noise” video promises profanity, destruction, violence, vandalism, nitrous oxide balloon inhalation, acid tripping, a dance-off, and sword fighting (the public urination kind). It’s a must-watch.