WATCH: ‘Bachelorette’ Georgia Boots Cam, Basically Kicks A Puppy On TV

It’s basic statistics: way more people on ‘The Bachelorette‘ are going to get hurt than people are not going to get hurt. You put a few dozen men in competition for the affections of one woman and, unless a miraculous, perfect, beautiful polygamous, bisexual relationship breaks out, all but one of those dudes is not going to get what he wants.

I mean, unless you were just going on the show to get famous, but, for everyone other than Sam, it’s very likely it’s going to end in tears.
So far most the dudes given the boot left without it being much of a surprise; either they’d made a big mistake or it just wasn’t working or they were an obnoxious dick (*cough* Carlos *cough*).
Now however, we’re getting to the point end of the show, and it’s the part where things get weird, sad and, honestly, much more entertaining.
Georgia had to make a very tough decision tonight, with five pretty decent blokes left and only four roses to give out, and it got down to a pretty tense final two, and with only Cam and Courtney left.
Even though it seemed pretty obvious that Courtney was going to stick around (although I might just think that because he’s my favourite), it was still bloody heartbreaking to see Cam’s lip quiver when he didn’t get the rose.
If you haven’t had your heart seize up yet today, have a watch of Cam comforting a crying Georgia as they stand in the rain and say goodbye:
Source and photo: Channel 10.