WATCH: 2017’s Batch Of Oscar Noms Get The ‘Honest Trailer’ They Deserve

Honest Trailers‘, as the cornerstone of cultural importance and how much we can take the piss out of anything, has turned its judgemental eyes to this year’s batch of Oscar nominees, and – like always – it’s damn near spot on.

Like literally every person not involved in the machinations of Hollywood, the Honest Trailer guy can’t quite believe how many Oscar noms ‘La La Land‘ got. And uh – look, the rest of it is pretty much spot on, too. Just givvit a watch, hey.

And even with a film like ‘Moonlight‘, he’s not wrong, is he? If ‘Hollywood Handjob‘ wins over that there will be absolute hell to pay.

All of the Oscar Things‘ for all of the Oscar wins, tbh.

Photo: La La Land.