WATCH: The 1st Trailer For Stan’s ‘Romper Stomper’ Series Has Landed

Contributor: Pedestrian

The first trailer for Stan‘s next original series, a rejig of the controversial 1992 film Romper Stomper, has landed itself a first trailer and a release date – New Years Day, in fact, if you’re keen on recovering from your NYE hangover with a hefty slice of televised white nationalism.

The series picks up on the themes of the original film, but transposes the action to 2017, where far-right views have infiltrated mainstream discourse and fascist skinheads are emboldened once more. It even features David Wenham as a vitriol-spitting reactionary TV host who aligns with, shall we say, some prominent right-wing commentators in Australia.

The show also stars Lachy Hulme, Jacqueline McKenzie, Dan Wyllie, Toby Wallace, Lily Sullivan, Sophie Lowe , Nicole Chamoun and Julian Maroun.

Check it out:

The series courted some controversy for giving white nationalists a platform in a time when they are gaining increasing power and confidence. Stan boss Mike Sneesby told Fairfax the company’s reasoning behind pushing ahead:

There have been questions about why is Stan doing this show, it [white extremism] doesn’t deserve a platform. But the reality is if you go out there into middle Australia, you can absolutely see a world where people get roped into it.

Dastyari only got coverage because he’s a senator, but that shit happens all day, every day, in corners of Australia.

For us to lay it all out in context, and show what happens, is important. If we cop flak for it, so be it. I think it’s an issue that needs to have light shed on it.

Part of the criticism stems from the fact it was alleged it painted anti-fascist activists as comparably violent to white nationalists and racists – an issue which got airtime after Donald Trump‘s comments in the wake of the Charlottesville far-right rally. This trailer suggests the show approaches the issue in a more nuanced way than mere ‘both sides’ rhetoric, but we’ll have to see when it lands.

Catch Romper Stomper on January 1.