Watch 15 Second “Tease” For Game Of Thrones Season 3

Winter is STILL coming, you guys. But at least we know when it’s due! HBO‘s mega-budget fantasy epic Game Of Thrones‘ third season will premiere on March 31st, 2013, so mark that in your calendars immediately. HBO has unveiled the first piece of promo for the long awaited new season which is a 15-second “tease” that probably cost $3 Million. “Tease” is an accurate description because it gives absolutely nothing away about what to expect in the new season – except that if the good guys lose the big war between ice and fire “the night will never end”. Still, it was enough to give me goosebumps, spine-tingles and a proverbial half-erection about what is to come.

We need more dammit! Here is some older footage that premiered at this year’s Comic-Con in which some of the new cast-members for Season Three were introduced.