WA MPs Officially Call For Leadership Spill

Finally, something of substance is going ahead down #LibSpill alley: IT’S ON.

News has just come in from the ABC, reporting that WA MP Luke Simpkins has sent a party-wide email, confirming that he will call for a leadership spill against Tony Abbott next week. Don Randall will be seconding Simpkins’ motion. 

Spurred by the Australia Day Knightmare, Simpkins’ email states that the issue was “the final proof of disconnection with the people.”

This morning, Tony Abbott said: “I’ve worked closely with them [Turnbull & Bishop] for a long time, you always have your ups and downs, that’s natural when you’ve got strong personalities talking about the most difficult decisions any country can face, but I trust them.”

You can read Simpkins’ email below.

Chief Government Whip Phillip Ruddock has responded to the motion, saying: “The Prime Minister has indicated this motion will be listed for discussion at the Liberal Party Meeting on Tuesday.”

C U Next Tuesday, indeed.

More on this story as it develops. In the meantime, why not familiarise yourself with the Auspol sitch, as told through The Games Of Thrones? Holla over here

Lead image by Stefan Postles via Getty.