Very Not Mad Piers Morgan Hasn’t STFU About Ewan McGregor For 12 Hours

Let’s not kid ourselves here: Piers Morgan is one of the most powerful voices in media. He’s also a dick.

The man routinely gets off by stirring the pot and causing controversy, largely for the sake of it (people slow down for a car crash, etc), but also appeal to the type of demographics who…. actually, I’m not sure. I googled “who likes Piers Morgan” and the first result was an article on alt-right hub Breitbart titled ‘12 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Piers Morgan‘. And it’s not satire.

His recent act? This “self-identified feminist” who “loves women” continually and repeatedly undermining the historic Women’s March.


Following his many, many remarks, Scottish actor Ewan McGregor yesterday cancelled an appearance on Good Morning Britain after realising that Morgan was one of the hosts and that producers wouldn’t acquiesce his request to be interviewed by co-host Susanna Reid only.

That was, at the time of writing, 12 hours ago. It should be noted that McGregor hasn’t tweeted since – he made his point, explained his decision, and refused to engage in the spiralling arguments in his mentions.

Morgan, on the other hand, hasn’t STFU about it.

In a column for the Daily Mail, he accused McGregor of being a “pedophile-loving hypocrite” who holds Trump and Brexit voters “in utter contempt”, imploring his readers to boycott McGregor’s movies.

Why? Because McGregor spoke positively of director Roman Polanski in 2010, calling him “a legendary filmmaker, one of the best”.

Polanski plead guilty to the rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977, and fled the States to avoid sentencing. McGregor – and every actor and filmmaker who continue to support Polanski’s work and honour his achievements – absolutely should be called out for this. 

But what you’ve got here is Morgan licking his wounded pride by waving around an old crime, similar to the way people bring up his role in the phone-hacking scandal to discredit his opinions. (Hey, both sides are guilty here.)

Morgan is also famous for his inability to fess-up when he gets it wrong. Take his comments on the women’s march, for example:

“It was that it seemed to serve no real purpose other than creating an outlet for women to vent their wrath at the fact Trump beat Hillary Clinton, thus preventing her becoming the first female president.”

In fact, the Women’s March aligned itself within a number of progressive issues, including reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights and environmental rights – all of which is available on its website.

So yeah. The extremely not mad and actually very chill about it all Piers Morgan has spent the last 12 hours continually tweeting that Ewan McGregor is a pedophile-loving hypocrite. Because he didn’t appear on his show.

Not mad at all.

Like honestly it’s fine.

No I’m fine.

He’s also been retweeting accounts with less than 100 followers – always a sure sign that you’re seeking validation wherever you can find it.

And retweeting articles about Ewan McGregor’s walkout, because he just cannot let even one thing go.

And continuing to discredit the entire women’s march because Madonna made an ill-advised joke about “blowing up the White House” (which she has since clarified was a metaphor and one that was taken out of context).

And making fun of people’s Twitter avatars.

And again proclaiming himself to be the best type of feminist.

And – and this is the really insulting one – INSINUATING THAT STAR WARS EPISODES I–III ARE THE ONLY STAR WARS MOVIES. Buddy. Can I introduce you to a little known film called ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘??

And… oh god, it’s exhausting. Honestly, just go to bed.

Photo: Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez.