CANCEL EVERYTHING: All Of ‘Veronica Mars’ Is Coming To Stan Next Month

Today is a good day, folks. We’ve all been blessed with another nostalgia-inducing show from our teen days to happily binge-watch instead of actually socialising with other human beings.

That show is Veronica Mars, arguably one of the best teen TV shows to ever be created. It never really got the viewership it deserved – potentially because it was quite dark and dealt with some really serious issues like rape, murder and abuse. That being said, the show was wickedly funny and full of quality teen angst.

The show follows Veronica, a high school student moonlighting as a detective. Sounds ridiculous, right? It wouldn’t work – but Kristen Bell kills it as the sweet-but-sassy Veronica. Also, it never feels weird that she’s tracking someone down or stealing police files because the cases are either personal to her, or so peak high school it hurts.

It’s also one of those shows like The OC where you never really got around to buying the box-set, so the fact that Stan‘s bringing it back to our screens this November is music to the (very loyal, very passionate) fanbases ears.

Say farewell to your friends and family on 17th November for at least a week, ‘cos all existing episodes will be landing on the streaming service, meaning you’ll be holed up in bed revisiting the heart-singing joy that is THESE TWO:

Oh god. Vogan? Logonica? I feel we weren’t doing that couples-name thing back then… anyway they were easily one of the best teen couples on TV.

Honestly though if you haven’t seen the show – do it. It’s smart, funny, emo as hell (hey, teen TV is at it’s best when it’s a semi-guilty pleasure) and has some solid mysteries.