US Network Legit Boots New ‘Nancy Drew’ TV Show For Being “Too Female”

Following a distinct trend of people being giant babies when men aren’t the focus of everything, US television network CBS has cancelled plans to do a Nancy Drew reboot because it was, bafflingly, “too female” for them.

The show “Nancy would have featured girl wonder / genius detective Nancy Drew (played by Sarah Shahi) in her 30s, working as a detective for the NYPD and was written by Joan Rater and Tony Phelan, the husband and wife team behind a lot of “Grey’s Anatomy“.
Shahi, who is of Spanish and Iranian descent, would have been the first woman of colour to play Nancy Drew if it weren’t for those dickhead cowards at CBS.
The internet was pretty pissed off about it, taking to the hashtag #toofemale to vent their frustration at the powers that be once again failing to acknowledge that half the population exists:

Fingers crossed another network decides to not be a pack of doofuses and pick up the pilot.
Source: Deadline.
Photo: CBS.