Unpacking The Degree That I Should’ve Studied (But Didn’t) Because Hindsight Is A Gem


Today, kids, I’d like to talk to you all about ‘hindsight’. Hindsight, by definition, is the understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened. For example, with hindsight, I should never have eaten half a dozen room temperature oysters. Likewise, with hindsight, I should never have swiped right on a man who looked strikingly like Chris Hemsworth. Because catfish. 

With hindsight comes great wisdom. But geez it would’ve been nice if I could’ve just made the right decision from the start. The same goes for my choice of uni degree. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my job. It’s a freaking excellent job. But far out have I done a few roundabouts to get here. Like, I am still waiting for my third-year cinema studies thesis on the Mexican road trip genre to start earning me the big bucks in life. 

That said, a business degree which taught me how to analyse consumer behaviour or the property sector (or both – hello double degree!) would actually be pretty bloody useful right now. If you’d asked 18-year-old-me if almost-30-year-old-me would regret not doing a business degree, the angsty teenager would’ve palmed your face. Me? Business? No way. I am an ARTIST. I am a goddamn MUSE. Ya hear me? 

But actually, with hindsight, I kinda wish I’d taken the idea of business more seriously. Because it’s not all plain jane. Well, the business degrees at QUT aren’t anyway. You can do a QUT business undergrad with your choice of major on top, whether that be accounting, economics and finance, advertising, marketing and PR, financial planning, international business, or management and HR. It’s like the business degree is your chocolate sundae and your study area is the cherry on top. And man, do I love me a sundae. 

You see, it would’ve been nice if my first degree was internationally recognised. It would’ve been even nicer if I was able to travel overseas while studying. Without a doubt I would’ve been living my best life on exchange in San Fran or Paris, getting burrito juice/croissant flakes all over my laptop instead of repeatedly burning my tongue on scalding two minute noodle lava like I did for most of my university career. 

Because how good does treating yourself to a business degree that’s been tailored to your actual, real-life career aspirations sound? Lucky for you, it’s a possibility now, gang. QUT offers 10 major study areas plus second majors, minors and electives because apparently the world is a wonderful place full of creative and challenging occupation-oriented learnings.

I might’ve missed the boat, but that doesn’t mean you should too. Take my hindsight wisdom, take all of it and run straight into your nearest business degree at QUT. Because trust me, if I was doing uni all over again I would too.

If you’re looking to fix up, look sharp and head back to uni then check out the course range with our good mates at QUT