‘Underground: The Julian Assange Story’ Reveals Cast

The Carrie Diaries meets Wikileaks in Underground, an upcoming television biopic that will deal with the teenage years of a young Julian Assange. Rachel Griffiths and Anthony LaPaglia headline the cast, with newcomer Alex Williams (sorry Internet, no pictures) landing the role of Assange who, at 16, began hacking under the nom de plume ‘Mendax’ and breached the computer systems of an Australian University, a Canadian telecom company – oh, and The Pentagon. No biggie.

Following a police raid on his house and a three year court case, Assange was charged with 31 counts of hacking and related crimes after an investigation lead by LaPaglia’s Detective Ken Roberts. That’s nothing. At 16 I was fined for drinking a UDL in public on New Year’s Eve. I know whose telemovie I would rather watch and now I think you do too (hint: there’s lemon lime involved).

Underground will film in Melbourne as of next week and comes from the same producers behind The Slap (brilliant) and The Straits (not so much) and will air on Channel 10 in the second half of the year with that other show coming up on Channel 10, The Puberty Blues of Being Either A Drag Queen or Lara Bingle from The Shire.

Can’t wait for the soundtrack…

Via TV Tonight

Title Image by Peter Macdiarmid via Getty