Twitter Responds to ‘Being Lara Bingle’

So it’s the day after Being Lara Bingle‘s premiere and, just as we’d expect of any good/awful reality TV show, it appears everyone has something to say whether they actually watched the show or not. (Those that didn’t probably just caught up on all the happenings here.)

Although ‘BLB‘ failed to make the evening’s top ten in the ratings, achieving an average ratings viewership of about 925,000 #BeingLaraBingle has been trending on twitter ever since with haters people analysing exactly what Being Lara Bingle is all about. Such analysis includes commentary on her sweet Bondi pad, what ‘Brand Bingle’ actually encompasses, New South Wales traffic infringement code, and everything in between.

Most amusingly, an unofficial twitter account has also surfaced for the break out star of the show, Lara’s Nan. Last night’s mouthful directed at her granddaughter about those pap-snapped noodz marks only the beginning of the LOLs, with #beingnanabingle starting to gain momentum. Fingers crossed Nan gets her own spin off series.

The twittersphere has voiced a pretty mixed response, complete with bitchy backlashes and ‘be my best friend’ requests all directed at @MsLaraBingle. Did you tune in last night and what were your thoughts?

Words By Nikki Brogan