TV Channels Attempt More Gender Control

Are we not trying to teach our kiddies that boys can play with dolls and girls can enjoy monster trucks and ball sports without being socially ostracised?? It appears as though Channel 7 and Nine are not totally down with ‘gender equity’.

Roll up roll up! The sexist, conventionalist and progressively-retarded has arrived. It was only a month ago that Channel 7’s masculine diffusion channel was revealed 7Male and now we’ve just learned gender-specific television channeling is being taken even further with the announcement of the Nine Network’s new digital free-to-air channel GEM, a chick-centric channel targeted a mainly female audience aged 35 and over. The programming includes several US TV shows including Friends, CSI and Cold Case, and ‘homegrown’ shows like McLeod’s Daughters and Sea Patrol.

The tv choices for the ladies also include Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Wife Swap and How Clean is Your House? suggesting that girls are either sluts, housewives or gay men; whilst the boys can really kick back with a fresh stubbie and a rigorously evening of chest thumping machismo with The Boneyard, Mega Movers, Mega Structures, Air Crash Investigation and Auto Theft Taskforce on Seven’s 7mate (*hand down pants optional).

Granted the growing suite of multi channels available free-to-air is broadening the viewing scope for most regular Australians but it’s kind of at the cost of our respective dignity. Australian television’s battle of the sexes will commence with the two new channels launching only a day apart. Make sure you don’t watch the wrong one otherwise your penis/boobs might fall off.