‘True Detective’ Season 3 Is In Production & Here’s Everything We Know So Far

HBO’s True Detective (season 1, let us never speak of season 2 again) is one of those shows that is almost perfect. Amazing, weaving plot? Check. Outstanding performances? Cheeeeck. Excellent credits? Absolutely check.

After the car crash that was season 2 (sorry), fans of the show tentatively got excited about season 3 once the amazing star of MoonlightMahershala Ali, signed on as lead. Could this be the season that revived the show and brought it back to it’s OG season 1 roots?

It certainly sounds like it. See, production’s underway for the series now, and that means little tidbits leaking to the press. We’ve rounded up the general stuff for you.


Source: Netflix

We’re headed to the Ozarks, a deeply creepy mountainous region in Southern Missouri. If you’ve watched any of Netflix‘s Ozark, you’d know the area can seem exactly like where you’d dump dead bodies. So we’re starting off well.


This season focuses on a crime that occurs deep in the heart of the Ozarks, with an ongoing mystery that runs over decades. The season will also play out in three separate time periods.

There’s something in there about two missing kids from 1980, as the female lead role is connected to this mystery. There’s also a father who suffers an extreme loss, that leads to him being tied to two state police officers over the course of ten years, and a young mother of two who is at the center of a terrible crime.

That’s all extremely confusing but definitely points to a saga as opposed to a small time frame like season one had.


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Mahershala Ali’s locked in to play Wayne Hays, a state police detective from Northwest Arkansas. The other lead is played by Carmen Ejogo, who playes Amelia Reardon, a schoolteacher from Arkansas who has the mysterious connection to the two missing kids. Stephen Dorff is on board as an Arkansas state investigator, Roland WestScoot McNairy will play the aforementioned father, and Mamie Gummer is on board as Lucy, the mother of two. Just announced is Justice League‘s Ray Fisher, who will play Freddy Burns, son of Wayne Hays.


Everyone was secretly hoping season 1 director Cary Fukunaga would return for season 3 after famously refusing to come back for season 2. But no, he is not. Instead, series creator Nick Pizzolatto will be directing, along with relative newbie Jeremy Saulnier. As always, Pizzolatto is the showrunner and wrote the scripts, helped out only with episode four by Deadwood creator David Milch.

Basically, it’s all sounding good, mates. Keeeen for this baby.