WATCH: Netflix Reveal 1st Trailer For Margaret Atwood-Penned ‘Alias Grace’

Following the release of a one-minute teaser that was nothing if not haunting, Netflix have dropped the full-length first trailer for their upcoming miniseries ‘Alias Grace‘, based on the novel by ‘Handmaid’s Tale‘ writer Margaret Atwood.

The series, inspired by a real 1840s murder in Canada, follows Sarah Gadon as Grace Marks, a domestic servant convicted, with stablehand James McDermott, of the murders of her employer Thomas Kinnear and housekeeper Nancy Montgomery.

The show appears to depict Marks’ time in prison, and her relationship with an enquiring psychiatrist, played by Edward Holcroft, who tries to help her “recover her memory” of the traumatic events leading to her conviction: “It’s strange to reflect out of all the people living in that house I was the only one of them left alive in six months time.”

The question is whether she is “a true amnesiac or simply guilty“.

Atwood’s novel of the same name was first published in 1996, and has been adapted for the screen by actor/writer/director Sarah PolleyMary Harron of the still-chilling ‘American Psycho‘ directs. The Netflix OG also features Zachary Levi and Anna Paquin.

The actual Marks was sentenced to death for her role in the murders, but was actually committed to an asylum, then transferred to jail, and ultimately pardoned almost 30 years later. Her alleged conspirator McDermott was hanged for his crimes.

You – and us, together, like a family – can binge ‘Alias Grace‘ from 3 November.