Trailer For New Megan Fox Horror Flick

Whether it’s talking robots or man-eating Succubus, the Megan Fox school of film making remains largely the same. Ensure Fox is in various states of undress throughout the film, use said scenes in a trailer and watch the ogling masses queue up for a glimpse.

As Transformers proved, the above formula imparts a kid of amnesia on film goers as everyone temporarily forgot how fucking annoying Shia LaBeouf is. Likewise in Fox’s upcoming feature “Jennifer’s Body”, penned by Juno scribe Diablo Cody, the sex factor is boosted yet again as Fox portrays a sexy high school cheerleader slash killing machine. We’re not too sure if Fox can hold our attention for 90 minutes (without the aid of Optimus Prime or CGI explosions) but a healthy dose of snappy fellatio/man-eating puns and cameos by Seth Cohen certainly help the cause.