Cop The New ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer & Prepare To Piss Tears From Your Face

There’s no point in sugar coating it, Toy Story 4 is absolutely going to tear everyone apart. It’s the closing of a book that’s been knocking it out of the park for the best part of two decades, and the upcoming fourth instalment of the adventures of Buzz Lightyear and Woody is the last one, effectively forcing a generation of now twenty-somethings to let go of the remnants of their childhood.

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During the Super Bowl, the latest trailer for Toy Story 4 dropped, and it looks like one of the pair has once again gotten themselves tangled up in a bit of a situation.

We’re once again back with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the two carnival toys, Ducky and Bunny, trying to pick a fight with Buzz Lightyear, who has somehow found himself tied to the wall of a carnival sideshow game. Look, who even knows at this point but I assume the plot there will be something similar to that time Buzz was somehow stuck in a box in the Buzz Lightyear aisle at the toy store, before Utility Belt Buzz tried to replace him in Andy‘s toy collection, that rat bastard.

Anyway, the new trailer gives us a bit more of an insight to Ducky and Bunny, the carnie tag-team who use their wiley smarts to kick Buzz in the head repeatedly, while Woody and Bo-Peep are on the other side of the county fair, wondering what’s holding Buzz up.

It’s the classic level of comedy that we’ve come to know and love from the Pixar films and although the whole thing absolutely could have ended with Toy Story 3 (with that scene that was so devastating that I’m pretty sure it should be illegal), I’m absolutely not complaining that we get a fourth and final time with Andy’s best toys. Give me a whole scene of Zig Zag the slinky dog, please.

Check out the lil trailer below and get your affairs in order for the movie’s release – it hits US cinemas on June 20 and I will 100% riot if we don’t get it around the same time, so help me God.