Tony Hawk Was Almost The Star Of A ‘Space Jam’ Sequel Called ‘Skate Jam’

If the wait for Space Jam 2 is getting a little too excruciating for you, here’s some news that’ll either make you laugh or cry depending on how you feel about skateboarding and Tony Hawk. According to the skating icon, a sequel to the loved 1996 film almost went ahead with him as the star, swapping basketball for skateboarding. Yep, the working title was Skate Jam.

[jwplayer 3LI5iPjH]

In a recent tweet, Hawk said he met with Warner Brothers in 2003 and spoke about the film which they were keen to start working on straight away. Unfortunately, the whole thing was called off after the Back in Action revival failed.

Goddamn, that would have ruled so hard. As you probably remember, the OG Space Jam was a mix of live action and animation, but the concept art above shows an animated Hawk. We don’t know whether this was just for a single sequence or whether old mate Tony was gonna appear in the flesh, but I’d settle for either, to be honest.

As Nerdist points out, concept art like this is usually held pretty close by studios, so there’s speculation that Warner Brothers may have given it to Hawk to post in order to gauge fan reactions, which, if positive enough, could even lead to the project starting up again.

Given the wild power of 90s nostalgia, it’s definitely possible, but I’d say they’ll be waiting to see how Space Jam 2 performs before pulling the trigger on this.